VIP Club

We understand the importance of having all your questions answered and having your child’s special needs accounted for when choosing the right program for you child. We hope that you find the enclosed information regarding our VIP program helpful in answering your childcare questions.

At Life Kids, we are committed to providing a safe, nurturing, and fun environment for every child that enters our program, regardless of their individual needs or challenges. We will work closely with you to ensure that your child has an Individualized Special Needs Care Plan that will meet your goals and, of course, the needs of your child.

How to determine if your child is eligible for our VIP Club:

1. After meeting with you, learning about our child, and registering him/her at Life Kids, your child will begin a two-week evaluation process that will enable us to determine the level of staff assistance and attention he or she will need in order to enjoy success in our program.  At the end of this two-week evaluation we will meet with you once again, this time to share our findings.  You will be billed at our standard Before/After School tuition rate on a weekly pro-rated basis during this two-week evaluation.  We do not charge any registration or application fees for our VIP program.

2. If your child meets the typical benchmarks we have listed below, they can continue in our Before and After School Programs at the standard rate. Also, your child will be eligible to participate in all Vacation Care Days, as well as Winter, Spring and Summer Camps.

Determining the level of care and assistance your child will need during  program:

  • Is child able to use the bathroom facilities without assistance?
  • Is child able to communicate his or her needs?
  • Is child able to understand and comply with staff directions?
  • Is child able to feed him/herself?
  • Is child able to interact with others in an age-appropriate manner?
  • Is child able to stay within designated program areas while participating in individual and group staff-led activities?
  • Is child able to communicate to staff if another child injures or upsets them?
  • Is child able to exercise a reasonable amount of self-control and remain non-violent even when upset or frustrated?
  • Is child able to cooperate while engaging in a daily 5-10 minute Pow-Wow time (Group Meeting) without disturbing the group.

This list is not exhaustive and your child does not need to have mastered every one of skills to enter our program, but we hope this list will help you understand what we are looking for as we seek to determine which of our programs will be the best fit for your child.

If we determine that your child is not meeting enough benchmarks we will enroll them into our VIP program that allows them to have more staff attention as they will have their own staff member or be in a much smaller group size ( typically 4:1 ratio at most). This will allow your child to participate in a variety of activities while keeping them safe.

3. If, after the evaluation period, you and your child feel comfortable and wish to continue at Life Kids, and it is determined that your child will need to be enrolled in our VIP club, we will work with you to create a Individualized Special Needs Care Plan.  We will endeavor to make any reasonable accommodations that you, your child’s therapist, specialist or health care provider may recommend.  We strive to keep consistency in your child’s care and daily schedule.  Every child is unique; therefore, your input will be greatly appreciated as we setup this personalized plan.

4. Eligibility for Vacation Care, Winter, Spring, and Summer Camps will be determined on a case by case basis and agreed upon before the enrollment process is complete. Each child is unique and we can look at factors such as traveling, dietary needs, medication needs as each camp arises.

5. Once your child is in our VIP club, you will receive a separate invoice reflecting such costs.  All tuition previously paid will be applied to this invoice.  Also, you will begin to receive a daily report (“About My Day”) that will communicate to you how your child’s is doing while in our care and if we need anything from you at home.  Feel free to contact us anytime about your child.  We are available for you.

6. If you need assistance with the cost of childcare we have included a WDI brochure.  We accept WDI and DSS payments.

Please Note: Our VIP students do have a space that is created for and dedicated to meeting their needs.  However, as much as it is possible and with the support of a staff member dedicated to facilitating their success, we encourage the integration of our VIP Club students into all of our programs and activities.  Our staff will adapt any activity so that our VIP Club students can participate and grow as unique individuals, great friends, artists, musicians, and students.

To schedule a tour or for more information please email or call our office 518.621.0385.  We look forward to serving your family.


Kelly Murphy
Executive Director